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How connected products get delivered

Rapidly add scalable IoT connectivity to your product range, integrate with other systems, and gain business value with ZConnect

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How ZConnect helps you

ZConnect is a connected product system for OEMs who want to add connectivity to existing products, or for companies looking to create new connected products. This applies across almost all industries from white goods, through to factory tooling, to agricultural equipment.

ZConnect can rapidly have new functionality added to allow for bespoke data display, integration with other platforms, or support for new connected products.

Fridge #34

Connected, last seen 30s ago
No issues detected

3.4°C 300W

Revolving Door

Connected, last seen 10s ago

Suspected motor failure.
Engineer dispatched 30 minutes ago.

Lawn Mower #10

Connected, last seen 10s ago
In use by Gerry Smith

Fuel level 80%    See location

Remote Diagnosis & Predictive Maintenance

ZConnect allows remote monitoring and easy diagnosis of faults on remote systems, getting data from any sensors which may be on the product.

ZConnect is also able to alert users when devices do not appear to be operating normally in order to allow proactive servicing.


Compliance and Audit Trail

Connected products open up new possibilities for collecting and storing data about the operation of equipment and movement of goods.

Create maps, graphs and reports of everything from panic button activations to application of weed killer!


Open source, easy choice

ZConnect has been released as an open source project, meaning you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re organisation will never be dependent on a third party vendor for licencing of your connected product platform.

ZConnect has considered security from the ground up and role-based permissions come as standard. Create groups and organisations to only give access to the data which is required for a particular party.



Zoetrope consults on and creates connected products for our customers - helping right from high level concept planning and business cases, designing and implementing the ZConnect system, understanding product lifecycles and helping you setup manufacturing processes for smart products.


Get a demo!

Book a demo with Zoetrope to get an overview of a compliance and remote diagnostics use-case in the ZConnect chilly demo!

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Get a demo!

Book a demo with Zoetrope to get an overview of a remote diagnostics, predictive maintenance and compliance use-cases in the ZConnect chilly demo!

“Zoetrope took on the task of creating a world class IoT Cloud platform and mobile application that was easily scalable to serve millions of customers for Novo. ”

Tom Timothy, Novo Innovations, powered by e.on