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Unlock the power of the IoT and gain predictive maintenance and insight about your products, delighting your customers with our managed service.

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How ZConnect works


Tailored hardware

This hardware is tailored around what’s already in the product; we can add new sensors to collect data or use existing sensors and just add the required hardware to connect the product to the internet via 3G, wi-fi or LPWA.

Throughout our consultative process, we design, improve and refine the hardware to ensure that the final product will be built to provide the maximum business value for you.


Analytics and actionable insights

ZConnect has a modular and customisable platform using the latest technologies to provide a resilient and scalable platform to collect and aggregate data. Zoetrope is able to provide customisations and integrations with virtually any other software. This allows streamlining of existing processes.

ZConnect provides everything you need in a secure hosted platform which is supported by the experts from Zoetrope.

Whether it’s asset tracking, predictive maintenance or data logging, ZConnect has you covered.

Fridge #34

Connected, last seen 30s ago
No issues detected

3.4°C 300W

Revolving Door

Connected, last seen 10s ago

Suspected motor failure.
Engineer dispatched 30 minutes ago.

Lawn Mower #10

Connected, last seen 10s ago
In use by Gerry Smith

Fuel level 80%    See location

Easy to use apps

ZConnect has base apps which we will customise for your business and are designed to be easy to use by your end-users, distributors and other stakeholders. These can be customised for several scenarios:

  1. Notify the status of a product to service personnel when something breaks
  2. Allow end users to see the location of their products and vital stats
  3. Allow business owners to see the cost and productivity of their equipment

Each of these and more can be presented to users through our apps - Android, iOS and Web.

ZConnect has considered security from the ground up and role-based permissions come as standard. Create groups and organisations to only give access to the data which is required for a particular party.


Goal-driven consultation process

Our ZConnect system will allow you to exceed your customer’s expectations. Our consultative process always keeps the end goal in mind - create value in your business.

  • Proactively manage your products and fix faults with our preventative maintenance features
  • Empower your team to excel at their tasks with real-time diagnostics information
  • Reduce wasted time by allowing service engineers to diagnose and fix simple issues remotely

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“Zoetrope took on the task of creating a world class IoT Cloud platform and mobile application that was easily scalable to serve millions of customers for Novo. ”

Tom Timothy, Novo Innovations, powered by e.on