For the more technically minded who already know what kinds of technologies they’re after, here’s a loose overview of our stack. Zoetrope is flexible to using other technologies when the project requires and our consultants love the chance to work in different technologies.

3D printing and hardware

We have 2 inhouse 3D printers: A Formlabs Form 2 which is “The most advanced desktop 3D printer ever created” and a trusty old reprap for less demanding tasks.

For other tasks, we have existing relationships with local laser cutting houses for perspex, steel and aluminium cutting tasks.


Zoetrope keeps a stock of a vast array of electronics development boards, passive and other components which we use to rapidly create prototypes of concepts.

We have experience with many ARM SoC’s, Yocto linux, embedded programming and signal processing systems.

Embedded Software

We make use of both Arduino, occasionally publishing libraries as we go, however most of our embedded development is done in straight C/C++ and we’re familiar with ARM’s CMSIS library for speeding up embedded development.

Web APIs

We regularly work with web APIs both RESTful and otherwise, though we always create RESTful APIs. We tend to use Blueprint or for documenting APIs.

Sever Software

Zoetrope always works in Python 3 given the choice. For sever software there are scarcely few other languages which provide such broad support for both web technologies and scientific code for simulations, analysis and just about anything else which is possible on a computer.

Over half of our team is familiar with writing python enhancements in C/C++ to allow for getting ‘bare-metal’ speed where required.

Web & Mobile Apps

Zoetrope favours React.js for creating advanced single page web applications for device management and user interfaces. We also use React native for creating advanced mobile applications which combine the power of native apps, with many of the conveniences of hybrid apps.

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