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A Serial Communication Library for Arduinos

Recently, we’ve been working on a large internet connected machine. This involves quite a large amount of electronics to drive all it’s motors, actuators and sensors. In a recent upgrade we redesigned the electronics and ended up using a system distributed across multiple arduinos, necessitating a communication protocol which could... Read more

SWmobile talk

Thanks for having me SWmobile! I’ve uploaded a web version of my deck, which you should be able to see below: Read more

Really simple MQTT IoT logging with Keen IO

We’ve blogged about Keen IO before, and love using MQTT in our IoT projects. So we decided to combine the two! Announcing KeenMQTT. MQTT is perfect for distributing and acting on near realtime data, but there isn’t much in the way of historical data access. That’s where KeenIO comes in.... Read more

Zoetrope bringing some IoT fun to Business Showcase South West

Zoetrope exhibited their IoT consultancy offering at the Business Showcase South West show on the 14th and 15th of May, the decision to attend the show was taken at quite short notice and we had only limited time to put together an engaging and fun display. We decided to take the... Read more

Web spaghetti - @drupal, @getbase, @zapier and web hooks

At Zoetrope, we keep very close ties between engineering and sales (we’re still all in the same room after all!). As part of this we attempt to reduce the number of copy-paste type tasks. On the Zoetrope homepage you may have seen this Demo registration form: This form pings off... Read more

Angle Sensor Breakout Board Giveaway

Giveaway! Edit: Thanks for all the comments, some brilliant ideas. If we could send one to everyone we would but unfortunately we only have three. We’ll be sending them out soon. We’ve recently made up a batch of the angle sensor boards described below, leave a comment if you’d like... Read more

Beyond JPEG: Videos and emerging image standards

We’ve recently been investigating file formats to allow our animated 3D product photography to be optimised for different use cases, rather than just on the web. Currently our viewer loads 108 JPEGs of various sizes depending on the user’s device. In some situations, a javascript environment may not be available... Read more

Replaying user interactions from Keen IO data

At Zoetrope we create engaging product photography allowing viewers to rotate and interact with products on ecommerce sites. One area we have been working on is analytics for the image viewer embedded in our client’s sites. We wanted to see how users actually behave while viewing a product; whether they... Read more

In Pursuit of Better Tethered Autofocus

Getting our images looking perfect is a huge priority at Zoetrope, and to help with this we developed a small utility providing a web interface to DSLR cameras. One issue we have is that using autofocus on our products is sometimes difficult - the small screens on cameras make it... Read more

Refining our UI Regression Tests

A few months ago we wrote about using Saucelabs and Protractor to create a testing framework around our javascript 3D photography viewer. Since then we’ve made a few changes to our process. Our previous process We started out by using Protractor and Saucelabs to grab screenshots of the viewer at... Read more