Important: Zoetrope Labs has decided to close down after 5 great years of business. The team are moving on to new adventures. This site is left up for reference only.

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Zoetrope labs can help you exploit the immense business value of the IoT.

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About our IoT consulting service


Where we sit in the market

The IoT is a new market, however is already changing how business is done. While there are many IT consultancies out there, few have the IoT knowledge and experience of Zoetrope labs. We deliver the full range of IoT consultancy services. Zoetrope labs is rare in that in addition to our consulting arm, we are also able to provide turn-key IoT solutions.


Skills and Capability

Our team draws on a wide range of skills and backgrounds. We are strong in the areas of research, wireless protocols, data analytics, machine learning, security and encryption and network systems integration. We have built up a considerable portfolio of diverse skill sets, gained through working in a variety of industries such as healthcare, agriculture, defence, utilities, smart homes and automated factory tooling.


A Responsive Consultancy Service

We respond quickly to our clients’ needs, recognising that change is a natural part of the IoT development cycle. We constantly monitor the industry to keep you ahead of any new technological developments, giving you the foresight to make more informed strategic decisions.

We produce comprehensive reports detailing the market size, competitive landscape, key applications and core technologies required in order for you to achieve your IoT objectives.


We are Delivery Focused

Zoetrope is a delivery focused IoT consultancy. Stay in direct contact with the engineers working to deliver your project. Our Bristol based agile team has a great track record of delivering projects on time and to budget. We keep the layers of bureaucracy to a minimum; not something our bigger competitors can claim. This enables you to have regular conversations with the actual team working on your project and get great results.

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“The highly detailed, yet extremely intelligible, scoping report covered several primary pillars of our business framework including the competitive landscape, key applications, market size and an outline of the core technological components necessary ”

Charles Cosser, American Data Corperation