Ambie IoT music streaming

Zoetrope worked with Ambie to conceive and deliver a music player suitable for use in commercial settings.

Ambie is a human curated music streaming service which provides businesses with great soundtracks to amplify their brands. The players can be centrally controlled via a web interface.

To support Ambie, Zoetrope worked with Ambies in-house technology team to provide support creating IoT music players which would interface with Ambies existing streaming services, as well as with a new remote control player interface which Ambie was developing.

Zoetrope delivered to Ambie:

  1. Software specing help and collaberation with internal server team
  2. 20 Prototype players
  3. Support going to market with CE certification
  4. Maintenance and software updates
  5. Introduction to a manufacturing partner

Prototype players

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