Client Stories

Ambie IoT music streaming

Zoetrope worked with Ambie to conceive and deliver a music player suitable for use in commercial settings. Ambie is a human curated music streaming service which provides businesses with great soundtracks to amplify their brands. The pl... Read more

Interactive 3D Imaging for Ecommerce

The Business Case Product photography on ecommerce websites is often not what it could be - product images are too small and not consistent accross different product ranges on the same website. A lot of this owes to ecommerce stores use... Read more

Action On Hearing Loss - Wearable

Zoetrope worked with Action on Hearing Loss as part of a Nesta prize to create a fully functional prototype of a low cost hearing loop device which could be used to assist people with mild to moderate hearing loss. Most hearing aid produ... Read more

Fidelis Touch Field Communication

The Need Oliver Spragg of Fidelis approached Zoetrope with the opportunity to take an exciting patent pending technology and make it ready for App developers to use as a building block in their applications. Fidelis’ technology  deliver... Read more

WiFi Connected Button Streamlines online tasks

Kazendi came to Zoetrope with a great product vision inspired by the need of one of their clients. The vision? A whole new way to interact with the web, making the web more physical than ever. The product was to be a unit which would se... Read more