Important: Zoetrope Labs has decided to close down after 5 great years of business. The team are moving on to new adventures. This site is left up for reference only.

Senior Software Engineer

We’re looking for a multi-talented senior software engineer to join our Bristol team. The role will involve taking the lead on projects and directing the work of a team of developers.

An ideal candidate will be at home with developing API’s, backends and occasionally even some front end work.

Given the size of the team (currently 5), it’s essential that we find an all rounder who will be happy to muck in and help complete the project.


  • Either a:
    • Relevant BSc/MEng and 4+ years experience.
    • Many years of experience
  • History of project based work - working in a development team
  • Command of source control, unit testing, CI etc.
  • Teamwork skills
  • Good working knowledge of python, django
  • Knowledge of bash command line tools


  • Developing platforms or products
  • Enjoy client facing roles
  • Leadership experience

Who is Zoetrope?

Zoetrope is a fast growing technology consultancy focusing on IoT, based in Bristol. We pride ourselves on being the whole package - from transistor, to 3D print, to server, to web interface. We work on projects both with multinationals and startups as the virtual technology team, helping to drive the specification, prototyping and implementation of the client’s product.

Zoetrope has a platform product in the works and we’re starting to roll this out to early adopter clients in the first quarter of 2017.

We can promise you that no two projects will be the same and that you’ll get to work with a wide variety of amazing companies, both at the R&D stage and taking products to production.

We maintain a technology blog here: It’s not been updated much for a while now, but should give you a flavour of some of the work we do at Zoetrope.

What’s in it for you?

We’ll make sure you have all the equipment you need to work effectively. You’ll have plenty of space in our offices near the clifton Triangle You’ll work alongside the founder and the rest of the team - no hierarchies or matrices.

We’ll be flexible to working outside normal hours and remoting some of the time, though working face-to-face with the team is important too. Compensation competitive based on experience. Performance based bonus determined yearly.


Please email [email protected] with:

  1. Your CV
  2. Some code you’ve written - ideally a github account, pointing out things you’re particularly happy with [Confidentiality over code submitted guaranteed]. Don’t panic if you can’t provide code due to confidentiality.
  3. Cover letter setting out briefly:
  4. Your key achievements
  5. What you believe distinguishes you from most people
  6. Why this job is the one you want to get

We’re a team of all rounders at the moment and would be keen to hear from people both for this current position and those who simply ‘like the cut of our jib’ and would like to make themselves known for future reference.

If you have any key queries before submission, please mail them to the above address and we will provide succinct answers where we can.

The normal interview process is a 20 minute phone interview followed by setting of a simple coding challenge to complete in your own time. You will then have a face-to-face interview (normally about 1.5h, informal) where you’ll be walk us through your code challenge and be interviewed other aspects of your experiences. We will only continue the process for candidates who we feel are well suited to the role at each stage.