Important: Zoetrope Labs has decided to close down after 5 great years of business. The team are moving on to new adventures. This site is left up for reference only.

About Us

Zoetrope labs is a specialist IoT consultancy and development company based in Bristol, UK

Since 2013 we’ve consulted, designed, and developed solutions to make the IoT a reality. we work with companies large and small to get industry leading hardware & software solutions to market.

Meet the team

Ben Howes

Ben Howes

Founder & CEO

I have always been entrepreneurial; I launched my first tech start-up while I was completing my Masters in Computer Science and Electronics at Bristol University.

I’m motivated by solving problems and I am passionate about technology; I find the potential that the Internet of Things holds for growing businesses really exciting, so I founded Zoetrope. I love working with our clients, delivering a remarkable solution to the new challenges that each one poses.

Ben Howes

Richard Webb


I met Ben while doing my Masters in Computer Science and Electronics. After a stint in Silicon Valley and building software for one of the UK’s largest financial institutions, he asked me to join him in starting Zoetrope.

I love that I am developing my skills and practising new uses for them every day. From electronics and PCB design to developing embedded and API software; they are all useful for our projects.

Ben Howes

Michael Boulton

Software Engineer

I first used my Masters in Computer science and Electronics in internal scalability and parallel computing for high-performance computing. Creating scientific simulations of super-computing with emerging technologies, I travelled around the world and was published a couple of times in scientific journals.

At Zoetrope, I develop embedded software with yocto, back-end software and web apps. I like that we get to know the whole story of the product - using the latest technology to build something all the way from the hardware to the apps.

Ben Howes

Adam Drake

Solutions Manager

Before joining Zoetrope I worked as a robotics engineer in the defence sector. I received my bachelor’s degree in robotics in 2015 and went on to work in the smart agriculture sector. I then moved onto Babcock where I worked on a number of large projects including a military communications upgrade for a NATO member state and some robot swarm R&D projects.

As Solutions Manager as Zoetrope, I provide an interface between the technical team and clients, helping to identify your needs and drive projects forward.

Ben Howes

Mitchell Harle

Software Engineer

After completing a Masters in Physics at Durham University, I decided to become a software developer. I particularly enjoyed working on a project for an X-ray metrology company, creating 3D visualisations of the compositions of the X-ray’s wafer chips, in order to find defects.

At Zoetrope, I develop server software in Python and native mobile apps in React. I enjoy the agile environment of Zoetrope; I’m able to work with cutting-edge technology and I’m constantly learning new things.

Ben Howes

Martin Rolph

Full-stack Engineer

I’ve been a programmer almost as long as I can remember, from BASIC and GameMaker through to JaveScript and Python. I studied Maths at university before returning to programming and the exciting world of startups. I even gave founding one a try at EF, a startup accelerator for technical graduates, then worked at one of EF’s earlier companies, a marketplace for office space, as a full-stack developer.

At Zoetrope I’m a full-stack developer with a focus on front-end development and design.

Ben Howes

Jon Wyatt

Front-end Engineer

I previously worked as a paramedic but made the switch to coding because I missed the creativity . I’ve always enjoyed making things and have a long list of hardware and software project ideas on the backlog so working at Zoetrope has been a great fit for me.

At Zoetrope I primarily work on the front end; mobile and web apps. I enjoy the process of taking a project spec and using the latest technologies to make it real. I’ve found it a great environment to learn new skills and find new applications for my existing ones.


“It has been a pleasure working with Ben and his team at Zoetrope for the past year at Novo.”

Tom Timothy, Novo Innovations, powered by e.on