Core Skills

Zoetrope’s core strength lies in our broad range of skills which are essential to rapidly prototype and develop concepts through to production.

Zoetrope’s team in Bristol undertakes all of our consulting and development work in-house.

Broadly, there are 4 pillars of our connected product development capability:

Electronics & Hardware

Zoetrope has the expertise and knowledge to create analogue and digital electronics in-house using a range of processors, DSP’s and single board computers. This Pillar also includes the creation of embedded software, normally with some domain specific knowledge, such as audio processing.

We have 3D printers which allow us to create just about any small part, plus access to laser cutters and other technologies to manufacture larger prototypes.


APIs are an essential enabler of the connected world and as such we take them very seriously. Zoetrope creates RESTful APIs with documentation to permit ecosystems to be built around the projects we work on, and also outside of the originally intended use-case.

Server Software

Server (or cloud if you prefer) software is normally where all the magic happens. Advanced machine learning; Image processing; data transformation; and triggering actions over APIs are just a few of the actions which will occur in this layer.

User Interfaces

IoT and connected products often spend a lot of their time operating in the background without any user interaction, however when they find some interesting data, the user needs to know about it! Zoetrope is experienced in creating websites, web applications and mobile apps to provide insight to the user.

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