We accelerate ideas into connected products

Zoetrope develops connected products and services for the Internet of Things (IoT), Wearables and other smart things.

We’re here to help through consulting and product development work. Zoetrope’s small and agile team is able to work quickly to help develop connected products & services to stay ahead in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

Our Services


Zoetrope consults on IoT, wearables, automation and other projects concerning connected hardware or software.


Zoetrope creates production hardware and software, specialising in projects which require knowledge and development across all areas.


Zoetrope can help you rapidly take an idea and create a working proof-of-concept to test your idea, your market and get buy-in from your organisation.

Introducing ZConnect

Zoetrope Labs has developed a complete IoT solution which allows companies with hardware products to connect their products and empower their businesses as a result. Full details can be found on the ZConnect site.

ZConnect is a managed, hosted service which gives you everything from hardware to apps for: predicitve maintenance, remote control and learning about your product.

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Areas of Expertise

Zoetrope covers the full stack of technologies required to take ideas from conception to fruition.

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Some of our clients

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